Punching Cardboard

Here we are in the new world order, or rather, the chaotic world order.

We're just trying to survive and maybe discuss a few games and other things of cultural import. Just trying to raise our spirits.

It's a journey. Thanks for your company on the ride.


00:20:11 -- Surprising Lack of Games on the Table during Lockdown
00:26:57 -- Netplay, Strat-O-Matic Style
00:39:55 -- Tabletop Simulator (yes, it works!)
00:52:49 -- Pax Transhumanity (update)
01:00:41 -- Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans (in-depth sessions)
01:12:23 -- The Appreciation Level of Others
01:24:44 -- 1974
01:32:52 -- New Music (Bill Frisell, Melt Yourself Down)
01:42:54 -- Illicit Maneuvers
01:46:05 -- The Cactus League, by Emily Nemens

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