Punching Cardboard

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? 

A radio show. A new podcast (ish). A boardgame finally finished? More Whisky for the End of the World. 

Contained within this missive is information addressing all of the above. Tune in, turn on, find out. Hopefully you like it.

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This was supposed to be episode 209, with some game analysis, an idiot box recommendation and some isights into music and community. I didn't like the results. It didn't really feel of any value to do things as I would have when Punching Cardboard was in it's prime. After re-recording several times I realized there was no getting around the fact that the show as it existed was finished. 

Hence, here we are, in the Whiskey for the end of  . . .  format that I adopted at the beginning of the dark times. This feels more genuine, and after 208 episodes, it seems like the best way to end the original show.


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