Punching Cardboard

Did you ever watch "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon? Didn't think so. Well, would you like to builde you very own zoo? Could it be fun? Let's find out together as we discuss Ark Nova. Guest appearances from Terraforming Mars and Wingspan.

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You were warned. We threatened it numerous times over the past eight-plus years. Well, it's finally happened. This episode is board game free. Not game free, mind you, but no cardboard was used in the making of this episode.

Is Elden Ring the be all, end all? Listen in and find out. A little music to close things out as well.

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Punching Carboard Lineup, MK IV. Better known as the solo acoustic tour. Just Jim here; the only one left after the smoke cleared.

In this episode is an in-depth look at Atlantic Chase, games that earned "10s" and some music recs, including an overlooked list from 2021. A few asides along the way, but that's the meat of the program.

As that's the case, no timestamps deemed necessary. You're an intelligent bunch.

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Find enclosed our music and games lists for the year that was 2021. Check the episode tags for individual games and artists. This is Joe's last show, and to road ahead is quite uncertain. 

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


00:15:17 -- Intro to the lists
00:18:44 -- Music
01:40:20 -- Games

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