Punching Cardboard

The boys are back in town and doing well, and all is right with the world. In this episode, the BGG CON experience and a smattering of games, both old and new.



00:09:20 -- Another Year?
00:12:06 -- December's Book Selection
00:22:26 -- The BGG CON Experience
00:31:25 -- Crayon Rails (Martian Rails, Iron Dragon)
00:43:15 -- Lowenherz
00:48:02 -- Web of Power
01:05:01 -- Random Shout-outs
01:08:47 -- The Mayor of Eurotown
01:14:13 -- Hockey Game Hijinks
01:29:19 -- Underwater Cities
01:47:02 -- Blackout: Hong Kong

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Welcome to a lively episode. In this one we dip our toes back into the Eurogame-o-sphere, and we are fairly excited about the waters.

Also, the first installment of the Punching Cardboard Book Club, which results in a heady and exhilarating discussion. As they say in sportsball, we left it all on the field in this one.


00:18:52 -- Wilderness War
00:30:55 -- Francis Drake
01:04:12 -- The Estates
01:19:45 -- Westward American Single Malt
01:30:07 -- TV Diversions: Daredevil Season 3, Patriot
01:36:10 -- Coimbra
01:59:39 -- Book Club #1: Transatlantic, by Colum McCann

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