Punching Cardboard

One. Two Three. Four.

We front load this episode with four games discussed in detail, included are forays into adjacent concepts in gaming. After two hours of that nonsense we delve into some music and television that's enlightening our minds and enriching our lives.

Please enjoy.


00:04:25 -- Alma Mater
00:48:57 -- Worker Placement: Offensive???
00:55:55 -- Babylonia
01:14:45 -- Marvel Champions with a Side of Legendary
01:42:11 -- Let's Pour Another Round: Midsummer's Night Dram and Festbier
01:47:50 -- Spirit Island
02:11:57 -- Big Music Discussion (Pineapple Thief, Pattern Seeking Animals, Airbag, Drive-by Truckers)
02:43:43 -- Don't Forget the Driver: TV Off the Beaten Path


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