Punching Cardboard

Have you really played all the games? Probably not.

And we've all probably got a couple on our list that folks might consider classics, or required games. We talk about those glaring oversights here in the latest episode of As the Lockdown Turns.

Many other items covered as well. You know, a typical show. Enjoy.


00:02:47 -- Because We're Livin' It!
00:18:47 -- Libations
00:23:55 -- The Board Gaming Glaring Oversight Committee
01:10:20 -- Gugong (in depth), and a side of Ginkgopolis
01:15:51 -- New Music (Willie Nile, Jason Isebell)
02:09:07 -- Apeirogon, by Colum McCann
02:32:55 -- The top Albums of 1976

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