Punching Cardboard

Well, you caught us on a nice summer evening, sitting outside, sippin' whisky, and talkin' board games. It's the best we can do in this paranoid pandemic times. Maybe the closest we've come to the old days in a while. The most human the interaction has been. Whatever the case, we think we did alright with this one.


00:07:19 -- The Taverns of Tiefenthal (in-depth) with a side of Nusfjord
00:51:50 -- It's a Wonderful World (short take)
00:56:13 -- In the Hall of the Mountain King (in-depth)
01:18:42 -- Is this the Real Life?
01:22:03 -- Coal Country (short take)
01:28:48 -- Gaming Refresh
01:45:30 -- Literature vs. the World
02:00:45 -- Glen Scotia Single Malt
02:09:25 -- The Gloaming
02:12:00 -- Stillwater: encores

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