Punching Cardboard

There are times when you need to make something out of nothing. Entering the studio for episode 172 was one of those times. I mean, we had next to nothing. A game session, a new dram, a couple albums.

But we pulled it together, rambled into other territories, consolidated some stray ideas, and in the end lasted for the marathon. Yea us!?


00:04:17 -- The 2020 PCBA Baseball Season: Last Call
00:08:00 -- Couch, Whiskey, & Digression
00:35:09 -- Bingo Time
00:43:11 -- Back in Good Graces: Time of Crisis
00:47:50 -- I've Never Played Automobile
00:56:45 -- Divinity 2: Orifginial Sin (Group Dynamics A)
01:16:11 -- Bull Run American Whiskey Aged in Pinot Noir Casks
01:25:23 -- Music: Drive By Truckers
01:30:40 -- Memory: Pat Metheny and the best album of 2020
01:51:14 -- Kohle & Kolonie (Group Dynamics B)

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