Punching Cardboard

Ramshackle. I like the word ramshackle. Ramshackle Day Parade is a great Joe Strummer song. Streetcore. Track five.

And it's a bit the way we're feeling here in episode 140. Run down. Beat up. We wander through this episode and take on a series of topics pertaining to the state of the hobby, or pertaining to where we exist in it. We go a bit low key, somewhat reflective, and we let the conversation lead us. Hopefully you can dig it.

It's all a little ramshackle.


00:07:38 -- Shirts, Essen Lists, & Other Monkey Biz
00:18:04 -- First Plays With Friends
00:33:35 -- Looking toward 2019
00:49:38 -- Advice to Our Younger Gaming Selves
00:52:49 -- The Social Media Inter-connectedness Blues
01:13:25 -- Book Club!?
00:19:45 -- No Collaboration
01:22:43 -- Wolfburn Single Malt
01:35:39 -- Beak music
01:42:33 -- Failure to Connect (Caylus, Yellow & Yangtze, Sands of Time)

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