Punching Cardboard

Sometimes you can't fit all the information that's fit to say about a game in one episode. Such was the case with our discussion of Pendragon in Episode 138. In response, we've created a new segment, The Follow-Up. And it debuts here as we attempt to add to our in-depth coverage of heavy games and game systems.

Also, how concerts are and how they should be, a beer and a dram, and a short look at a new abstract. Cheers.


00:10:03 -- Pendragon (follow-up)
00:44:05 -- A Beer and a Dram (Blanton's Single Barrel & Crux Play Wave Pale)
00:51:09 -- Rockin' All Over Town
01:13:16 -- 43 Minutes (Trapper Schoepp - Run Engine Run)
01:16:28 -- All You Need is 43 Minutes (Paul McCartney - Egypt Station)
01:19:29 -- War Chest (First Take)

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