Punching Cardboard (podcast)

The boys are back in town and doing well, and all is right with the world. In this episode, the BGG CON experience and a smattering of games, both old and new.



00:09:20 -- Another Year?
00:12:06 -- December's Book Selection
00:22:26 -- The BGG CON Experience
00:31:25 -- Crayon Rails (Martian Rails, Iron Dragon)
00:43:15 -- Lowenherz
00:48:02 -- Web of Power
01:05:01 -- Random Shout-outs
01:08:47 -- The Mayor of Eurotown
01:14:13 -- Hockey Game Hijinks
01:29:19 -- Underwater Cities
01:47:02 -- Blackout: Hong Kong

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Welcome to a lively episode. In this one we dip our toes back into the Eurogame-o-sphere, and we are fairly excited about the waters.

Also, the first installment of the Punching Cardboard Book Club, which results in a heady and exhilarating discussion. As they say in sportsball, we left it all on the field in this one.


00:18:52 -- Wilderness War
00:30:55 -- Francis Drake
01:04:12 -- The Estates
01:19:45 -- Westward American Single Malt
01:30:07 -- TV Diversions: Daredevil Season 3, Patriot
01:36:10 -- Coimbra
01:59:39 -- Book Club #1: Transatlantic, by Colum McCann

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It's that time, and we roll the dice and lay out the games that have caught our attention in this year's Essen preview show.

First we cover 10 games nominated by our guild using a complex and patented formula. Then we each take a shot at adding five games of our own discovery. Throw in some expansion discussion, and you have a show of partially educated guessing that is sure to wow even the most cynical gamer.



00:14:49 -- The Guild 10 plus
00:16:03 -- Tramways Workbook
00:17:58 -- Barrage
00:2303 -- 18Lilliput
0026:37 -- SpaceCorp
00:30:45 -- City of the Big Shoulders
00:34:20 -- Reykholt
00:37:43 -- Pipeline
00:44:06 -- Teotihuacan
00:49:05 -- Captains of the Gulf
00:56:20 -- Pax Emancipation
01:03:42 -- Blackout: Hong Kong
01:12:30 -- Our Fives
01:15:05 -- Architects of the West Kingdom (Jim #5)
01:18:56 -- Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea (Jim #4)
01:20:20 -- Underwater Cities (Jim #3)
01:22:04 -- Europa Universalis (Joe #5)
01:24:09 -- Pandoria (Joe#4)
01:25:22 -- Dominant Species: Marine (Joe #3)
01:28:06 -- Imaginarium (Joe #2)
01:30:37 -- Expedition Zetta (Jim #2)
01:34:02 -- War Room (Jim #1)
01:37:20 -- Newton (Joe #1)
01:44:11 -- Expansions and Other Riff Raff

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Ramshackle. I like the word ramshackle. Ramshackle Day Parade is a great Joe Strummer song. Streetcore. Track five.

And it's a bit the way we're feeling here in episode 140. Run down. Beat up. We wander through this episode and take on a series of topics pertaining to the state of the hobby, or pertaining to where we exist in it. We go a bit low key, somewhat reflective, and we let the conversation lead us. Hopefully you can dig it.

It's all a little ramshackle.


00:07:38 -- Shirts, Essen Lists, & Other Monkey Biz
00:18:04 -- First Plays With Friends
00:33:35 -- Looking toward 2019
00:49:38 -- Advice to Our Younger Gaming Selves
00:52:49 -- The Social Media Inter-connectedness Blues
01:13:25 -- Book Club!?
00:19:45 -- No Collaboration
01:22:43 -- Wolfburn Single Malt
01:35:39 -- Beak music
01:42:33 -- Failure to Connect (Caylus, Yellow & Yangtze, Sands of Time)

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Sometimes you can't fit all the information that's fit to say about a game in one episode. Such was the case with our discussion of Pendragon in Episode 138. In response, we've created a new segment, The Follow-Up. And it debuts here as we attempt to add to our in-depth coverage of heavy games and game systems.

Also, how concerts are and how they should be, a beer and a dram, and a short look at a new abstract. Cheers.


00:10:03 -- Pendragon (follow-up)
00:44:05 -- A Beer and a Dram (Blanton's Single Barrel & Crux Play Wave Pale)
00:51:09 -- Rockin' All Over Town
01:13:16 -- 43 Minutes (Trapper Schoepp - Run Engine Run)
01:16:28 -- All You Need is 43 Minutes (Paul McCartney - Egypt Station)
01:19:29 -- War Chest (First Take)

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Whosoever pulleth this sword from this rock shall, um, I don't know, do some stuff, vanquish some folks, and then become king of someplace. Right? 4th Century A.D., 5th?

We're talking Pendargon: The Fall of Roman Britain here in episode 138. That, and a bit of list nonsense, and little dram of something nice as well.

No pillaging allowed!


00:02:55 -- Scooters From Hell
00:16:36 -- Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain (in-depth)
01:23:29 -- Oban 18 yo Ltd. Ed.
01:32:17 -- The Best Games at Each Player Count (from 1-6)

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Here ya go kids, all the way from the lands of Antiquity, episdoe 137, take 2. We sewed all the parts together and shocked it into being. Because we care.

Dr. Frankenstein


00:15:03 -- What We Did on Our Summer Vacation
00:35:11 -- Condottiere
00:41:04 -- Legend of the Five Rings -- Casual Decks Need Not Apply??
00:44:38 -- Sessions: Lisboa, Shogun, Age of Steam
00:51:17 -- Lost Valley
00:55:22 -- Root
01:06:16 -- The Music of Our Lives
01:32:15 -- A Dram and a Beer (Sexton Irish Single Malt / Saint Archer Mandarina Pale)
01:38:59 -- Emily Post and Gaming
01:54:53 -- Antiquity (in-depth)

P.S. -- We still forgot the scooters!!!

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It's Summertime! Here's something for a long drive in a rented car or a lazy afternoon at the beach.


00:09:57 -- Dusting Off The Shelves: Argent: The Consortium (Session)
00:27:47 -- Quartermaster General: 1914
00:33:54 -- Tigres & Euphrates
00:39:47 -- A Midsummer Night's Questions
01:06:27 -- Music: Rolling Blackouts CF, Gaz Coombes, Kamasi Washington
01:39:58 -- GLOW
01:42:21 -- A Little Light Non-fiction: Apollo8, Seabiscuit, Ben Franklin
01:43:57 -- Bios Megafauna, 2nd Edition (in-depth)

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As Summer settles in we look to take it a little easy. Some shelves are dusted off, and a couple titles come back to the table after resting a few years. Also, a rare abstract finds it's way into our rotation. 

We also recount a few sessions and some trips to some gigs. Easy Breezy, as Joe might say.


00:11:13 -- Bruges & The City on the Zwin
00:17:23 -- Innovation & Echoes
00:28:52 -- Automobile
00:35:03 -- Portland 18XX Con
00:40:57 -- What is it With 18XX?
00:46:55 -- Going to the Shows (Starebaby, Robert Plant)
01:15:28 -- Bob Dylan Makes Whiskey
01:29:19 -- Azul (in-depth)

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Hey there.

We discuss a sprawling, big Euro game, a compact, tense Euro game and five albums that should be filling your ears. All that and a debate on the state of the hobby in episode 134 of the 'cast.

Please enjoy.


00:10:49 -- The John and Company Not Monopoly Contest Results
00:18:40 -- A Trade to Make? (Tash Kalar & Terra Mystica for 18CZ)
00:21:10 -- Joe plays Feudum (multiple sessions)
00:49:42 -- The Burning Question: Sturgeon's Law and Board Games
01:21:35 -- This Week in Spins (Neko Case, The Magic Numbers, The Pineapple Thief and more)
01:42:18 -- Carthago (in-depth)
02:16:33 -- It is all just a Tire Fire, Lusty or Not.

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